This is the wedding for you if you want to break with tradition and create your own! Thinking outside the box opens up many new horizons. For special themes like Harry Potter, the Middle Ages, Bikers or Rockabilly, for example. The same goes for hobbies you share, or the bond you are about tie between different cultures. Yours will be a modern wedding inspired by a wealth of ideas and the courage to do something different.

Emotions also play first fiddle here, whatever your choice! You’ll also enjoy the pleasure of sharing pictures with family and friends worldwide, dispatching the best in digital greetings and capturing unforgettable moments. #LoveKnowsNoBounds.


We will bring our many years of experience to bear in helping you to plan and design your special day, with advice on the many options and beautiful locations available to you. In a first and very important step, we will meet with you both as a couple to get to know you and hear more about your wishes and preferences. You will decide where and how we can assist you. And then we'll get to work on the task of making your ideas come true!


From the first enquiry to the actual ceremony, we offer a one-stop service. We are flexible in our approach and can work on a modular basis as you wish. In other words, we can plan and organise your entire wedding or just individual elements.


AAA will take care of everything down to the last details, leaving you free to be a guest at your own wedding, the happiest day of your life!